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This weekend my fiancé and I volunteered to transport five puppies from Strasburg, Virginia to Arlington, Virginia for Homeward Trails, a local shelter we have volunteered for recently. Their mother was a fostered dog, and the puppies had already been adopted in Arlington, but they needed a ride to their new homes. We were more than happy to give them a lift, in exchange for two hours of cuteness.

Our guests were four sisters and one brother. Roxy, Foxy, Beth, Sadie and Hugh. Having never been in a car with five puppies before, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had a feeling it would be chaotic, to say the least. Fortunately, I was wrong. We picked up our passengers at a Burger King parking lot in Strasburg…a town that if referred to as “small” would be an understatement. The poor girl who had been caring for them since they were born seemed reluctant to part with them, and we would soon find out why.

Hey buddy, we’re trying to sleep here. Can you keep it down, please?

Once on the road, there was a lot of sleepy puppy barking, at least from the ladies. Hugh, the quiet brother seemed like he was ready to find a comfortable spot to go back to sleep right away. My fiancé, Brittany, who’s middle name is Dog Lover, took about 80 photos within the first two minutes in the presence of our guests. After not too long though, I was shocked to see all of the puppies had already curled up in what can only be described as a “puppy pile” and gone to sleep. Though, every bump I drover over on the highway was met with a round of disgruntled barks, as if to say, “Hey buddy, we’re trying to sleep here. Can you keep it down, please?” I’m not ashamed to say it was hard to keep my eyes on the road and not on the cuteness in the back seat. Before long, Brittany had nowhere left to sit, as the pups had laid claim to the entire back seat as a bed.

We arrived at Homeward Trails in Arlington far too soon. And after only about 2 hours, it was hard to part with our new friends. But we took solace in knowing they were going to happy homes where they would no doubt be loved very much. Who wouldn’t love a carload of puppies? We had no trouble finding volunteers to help us carry them in, everyone who walked by the car stopped to witness the Puppymobile.

After being a bit worried about having our hands full with the trip, I can safely say I will DEFINITELY be volunteering to chauffeur some pups again in the future.

For more information on Homeward Trails, visit their website!