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If you’ve stumbled across this website by accident…”Who the Hell is Aaron Rubenic?” is a very valid question.

Well, professionally I’m sort of a ‘jack of all trades’ designer. I have experience designing websites, editing/producing videos, designing print ads, logos, you name it. But you’ve probably read all of that boring stuff elsewhere on this site, so now you’re wondering who I am all of that stuff aside, right?

Okay, let’s dig a little deeper than shall we? Simply put, I’m a geek. I’ve seen far too many movies, as far as most people are concerned and I’m more than willing to talk your ear off about any one of them. But have no fear, I also love the outdoors. Biking, running, hiking…these are a few of my favorite things (try not to sing that last part while reading it).

I’m originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Ever heard of it? No? I’m not surprised. It’s actually the capital of PA, but it’s forgotten or confused with Philadelphia and/or Pittsburgh. It’s a quaint little town nestled in South Central Pennsylvania just two hours away from Arlington (current residence), which is nice because I can easily go home for a weekend and spend some time on the Appalachian Trail. One of the selling points of Harrisburg, if you ask me.

I moved to Arlington, Virginia one year ago with my lovely fiancé, Brittany. So far, I love the DC Metro area…unless I’m in my car in the DC Metro area. In which case you may notice a gentleman in a gray Honda Civic flailing his arms in traffic from time to time.

I’m getting married this October in Connecticut. The poor girl…she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Mwuahahaha!